Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Click here for CALENDAR and ways to support and spread the defiant spirit of the people of Ferguson.

Support and Spread the Defiant Spirit of Ferguson

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stay in the Streets for Justice

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From -
Flash: Savage Police Attack Sunday Night in Ferguson - ACT NOW 
In the Streets in LA - Monday, August 18th, 4 pm -  
Florence & Broadway  
and 5 pm, gather at 65th & Broadway (site of murder of Ezell Ford)

As we go live late Sunday night, August 18, the streets of Ferguson, Missouri look like Iraq or Gaza. Thick poisonous smoke fills the air, and live TV coverage shows fascist pigs blasting away at protesters with tear gas and other weapons.

And, as we go to press, network news is reporting that protesters are STILL IN THE STREETS. STILL demanding justice.

Everyone's true colors are on display right now-those who stand with those heroic, courageous freedom fighters in the streets demanding indictment and jail for the murdering police... and the VIOLENT ENFORCERS OF THIS SYSTEM who are wildly attacking the people demanding JUSTICE.
The whole world is watching!
When you read this:
  1. Call, text, tweet everyone to get to to follow what's going on and what to do about it.
  2. Make a sign - get slogans at and put on the bottom. Call a protest, demonstrate at 4 PM - pick a location, spread the word. Protest this outrageous repression! Justice for Michael Brown!
Sunday August 17, Editorial:

Updated slideshow from Ferguson at

Check out:  Points of Orientation on Righteous Rebellion.  Check for updates and special coverage of the struggle in Ferguson hereSend reports and photos to

Revolution Books will be open extra hours on Monday, starting at noon.
Come make posters for the protest, share your thoughts, pick up materials to distribute, bring donations, and get involved!

As millions are agonizing and standing up over the cold-blooded police murders in Ferguson, NYC, LA and other cities, over the assault on Gaza, the war on women, the destruction of the environment, Revolution Books is an indispensable center for the movement for revolution - nothing less.  We need to have an even greater societal impact NOW.  This is your bookstore and we need to expand!  Donate now

Friday, August 15, 2014

Special Screening of "Sir! No Sir!" plus Fundraising Dinner with Filmmaker David Zeiger and KPFK host Michael Slate

Revolution Books is pleased to host 
A Special Screening of Sir! No Sir!,
the suppressed story of the G.I. movement in Vietnam  
that helped destabilize the most powerful army in the world

with filmmaker David Zeiger
Sun., Aug. 17th, 3 pm
5726 Hollywood Blvd. (& Wilton)
Sir No Sir Trailer (Short)
Sir No Sir Trailer (Short)

A fundraiser for Revolution Books
$10 at the door
$50 premium tickets include a copy of the dvd Sir! No Sir!
NEW OFFER:  $100 tickets include the dvd and post-event dinner with filmmaker David Zeiger and revolutionary communist  
KPFK radio host Michael Slate

RSVP to Revolution Books at 323.463.3500

Co-sponsored by Military Families Speak Out  
and Frank Dorrel, publisher of Addicted to War 

The events of the last few days demonstrate again the importance of Revolution Books.  Where else can people get the books, see the films, participate in the discussion so critical to a people's movement for revolution, and hook up with the revolutionaries?
Revolution Books needs your support now.  
To keep this vital resource open, contribute generously now.
All donations help, be part of the solution.

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ezell Ford - This Must Stop! It's right to rebel!

ABOVE:  August 13 - people locked arms in the face of police 
assaults on the demonstrations in Ferguson. Photo: Getty
News Flash:  Friday, August 15th, 3 PM - 65th & Broadway.  
March against the police murder of Ezell Ford.  It's right to rebel!  
Time's up for this system.  This has to stop NOW.

ACT!  ACT!  ACT!  Come out with us over the weekend!  
Call us for more information about other events.
As millions are agonizing over the cold blooded police murders 
in Ferguson, NYC, LA and other cities, Revolution Books is at the 
heart of resistance and the center for building a movement for 
revolution.  We need to have an even greater societal impact NOW 
as the place to come if you want to  act, change the world and 
dig into the big questions posed at this important time. 

Come into the bookstore, share your thoughts, pick up materials 
to share, get involved!  This is your bookstore and we need to expand! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Aug. 10 - Join Internationalist Contingent to Stop the Israeli Assault on Gaza

Here are some suggestions from
  • Where you can, form a revolutionary and internationalist contingent—Revolution Club members might march together, with their t-shirts.
  • Bring banners or signs with “Stop Israel’s Assault on Gaza” and “After the Holocaust, the worst thing that has happened to Jewish people is the state of Israel” quote from BAsics (printable PDF available here).
  • Get out this issue of Revolution and the previous ones.
  • Bring print copies of special issue of Revolution on Israel if you have them.
  • Download and print a quarter-page two-sided flyer with links to the special issue of Revolution—"The Case of Israel: Bastion of Enlightenment or Outpost for Imperialism"—on one side, and links to COMMUNISM: THE BEGINNING OF A NEW STAGE A Manifesto from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA in English & Arabic on the other.
  • Backpack the Manifesto in Arabic and English; introduce people to Bob Avakian with his book BAsics, the handbook for revolution, and the film Bob Avakian Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!.
  • Important: Even if hand-made, bring signs along the lines of “Get with revolution: big
  • enough to show up in everyone’s photos!
Here in Los Angeles, contact us at 323-463-3500 to join our internationalist contingent or meet at the Westwood Federal Bldg (11000 Wilshire Blvd.) on Sunday, August 10 at 1 pm.  Protest called for by Students for Justice in Palestine. 
Also on Sun., Aug. 10 from 1-3 pm, LA Jews for Peace invites you to a peace demonstration at the Israeli Consulate, 11766 Wilshire Blvd., between Bundy & Barrington.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Countdown to Aug. 9 Celebration

Countdown to August 9
Celebration of the Determination to Break ALL the Chains!
Saturday, 5-9 pm - Revolution Books
Join us going out every night to build for this celebration. Or grab a stack of flyers and posters from the bookstore and take them out everywhere.
Tuesday, August 5 - Open mic - 9pm @ Da Poetry Lounge, Greenway Court Theatre, 544 N. Fairfax Blvd. (& Melrose)
Wednesday August 6 - Coathangers - 7 to 8:00 at Origami Vinyl (1816 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park) for pre-party. Concert starts at 9 @ The Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd.
Thursday, August 7 - "Freedom of Speech" Open mic @ 8 pm @ Sabor y Cultura, 5625 Hollywood Blvd, 1 east of Revolution Books.
Friday, August 8 - Sarah Silverman & Friends. @ the Largo, 366 N La Cienega Blvd. Doors open: 7:30 pm. Show starts at 9pm.
Friday, August 8 - Ceci Bastida (Opener: Raquel Sofia) at 8:00 p.m. @ Levitt Pavilion Pasadena (Memorial Park, Pasadena, between Walnut and Holly on Raymond Ave.-85 E. Holly Street). Free.

Friday August 8 - 8:00 PM. POETRYPALOOZA! Come celebrate Poetry in Life! Live music, open mic, performances, workshops! Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. $10 admission.
Fundraising update:

- Fifteen minutes after our email went out yesterday a new $100 monthly sustainer signed up
- Someone else stopped by and donated $20
- A third person called to say he would drop by with at least $100 later this week.

MANY THANKS to these generous supporters! This means A LOT.

Now we need YOU to step up to the plate and donate to Revolution Books which is alive with the passion, science, and determination to bring forward a whole new world.
Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas!
Wednesday, August 6, 5pm and 7pm PST
Revolution Books
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